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Great Lakes should be protected by people not industries

We love our Great Lakes and want to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. And yet our current State Rep Hank Vaupel voted to create a panel made up of industry and lobbyists to overrule the Department of Environmental Quality.

If you feel like industry and lobbyists shouldn't be making decisions on how our state's natural resources are used, vote for a difference on November 6. Vote for Colleen Turk for State Representative.


For a summary of the bills in question, check out this link and look at the Composition of the Committee. The public would be represented by one person, there would be one member for a conservancy organization, one from local gov't, and the rest would be from industry. "Lobbyists could serve as members of the Committee as long as they did not simultaneously receive compensation or reimbursement of actual expenses for lobbying from more than one person while serving on the Committee."

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