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February 22

When crisis hits, we look to our leaders for a clear path forward. Here's what one of the State Rep's from Washtenaw had to say on the tragedy in Parkland. But our leaders from Livingston county are silent.

When it counts, when we need to figure out our state's next actions, our leaders need to take a stance, speak up, and lead their constituents.
If I am elected, I will not be silent when citizens are looking for leadership.

So what do I think we should do? I think we should ban high-capacity magazines, fund psychologists to support schools, educate parents and kids on warning signs and what to do when you see them, and prevent people who are mentally ill from owning guns for a start. I think we should ban the AR-15 and other guns similarly designed and offer a tax rebate for people who turn them in. People who want to keep those weapons after they're no longer able to be sold should have to pay an annual licensing fee collected by the state that goes towards law enforcement.


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