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March 31

Join us on April 22 if you're ready for a different kind of candidate - one who seeks to unite instead of divide, and one who isn't afraid to speak out and lead on the real issues that matter to our community. Together we'll get Colleen's campaign off to a rocking start at Wooly Bully's in Howell!

Why is a campaign kickoff important? Because it builds momentum for visible support of Colleen's candidacy in our community and raises funds to sustain the campaign.

Colleen's top priorities for our district are improving our public education system, healthcare outcomes and affordability, and living wages for working families. She's a Democrat who believes that bipartisan working groups should not just be a buzzword -- because the consideration of perspectives beyond our own views requires us to question the weaknesses in our stances which leads to better solutions.

Get to know Colleen and other supporters of her campaign at this family-friendly event. We'll enjoy some tasty appetizers and an excellent selection of brews at the cash bar. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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