Vote for Colleen Turk
Vote for a Difference


A Different Way to Get Things Done



We can’t solve our state’s problems with the same old options we’ve used before – cut taxes or raise them, privatize or centralize.  Our problems are complicated and we need to elect people who not only have the ability  to design creative solutions but also have the drive to find common ground with citizens and other elected officials. That's how we put real solutions in place.



  • Improve teacher-to-pupil ratios
  • Increase counseling for social-emotional needs
  • Bring back certified librarians to improve literacy & curriculum


  • Expand affordable healthcare options
  • Fight for higher hourly wages
  • Support vocational training for good-paying trades


  • Safe water for drinking
  • Clean lakes and rivers for recreation and fishing
  • Accountability for polluters

We need to be connecting with areas outside our own state to figure out what’s working and bring it back home.  We should be tapping into knowledge at our universities where some of the nation’s best research on public problems is already occurring – find out what they know and what makes sense to implement in our district and in our state.

Finding the answers to our problems requires meeting with our local and national experts on the topics, talking with community members, and digging through research and legislation. 

As a graduate of the liberal University of Michigan and the conservative University of Notre Dame, I know how to dig through research with a discerning eye for answers. I’m adept at communication and negotiation but I’m most well-known for my ability to cut to the chase and get things done.

Creating the solutions to solve our problems is a long-term, interactive process, and I can promise you I’m going to work on tackling these problems whether you elect me or not. However, there’s a fire in my heart that tells me the work I do as a hobbyist in our community is significantly less than what I could do as your State Representative. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who works more earnestly for our community and our state than I do.  I'm asking for your vote to give a local girl the honor of bringing your voice to Lansing.