Increase Take-Home Pay for Working Class & Retirees

  • Expand affordable healthcare options

  • Repeal pension tax

  • Reduce burden of student loans

Restore Education Funding for Students

  • Improve teacher-to-student ratios

  • Increase counseling to provide for students’ social-emotional needs

  • Bring back certified librarians

Protect Michigan’s Natural Resources

  • Protect lakes and rivers for recreation and fishing

  • Ensure safe drinking water is available throughout Michigan

  • Make polluters pay for clean up


We can’t solve our state’s problems with the same old options we’ve used before – cut taxes or raise them, privatize or centralize.  Our problems are complicated and we need to elect people who not only have the ability  to design creative solutions but also have the drive to find common ground with citizens and other elected officials. That's how we put real solutions in place.

We need to be connecting with areas outside our own state to figure out what’s working and bring it back home.  We should be tapping into knowledge at our universities where some of the nation’s best research on public problems is already occurring – find out what they know and what makes sense to implement in our district and in our state. I'm running as a Democrat, but I resolutely believe elected officials need to consider the perspectives of all constituents regardless of the constituents' political party affiliation. 

You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who works more earnestly for our community and our state than I do.  I'm asking for your vote to give a local girl the honor of bringing your voice to Lansing.